Teacher For A Day

We are very excited to tell you about this year’s Teacher/ESP for a Day. This is a program that RBEA is sponsoring to connect community leaders with the real world of today’s classroom in order to highlight the rewards and challenges of education.

Community representatives will be invited to participate in a day-long program featuring them in the role of a teacher/ESP for a day.  Each guest teacher/ESP who participates will be working with a cooperating teacher/ESP who will assist in planning and guiding the activities for a day.

We need volunteer “cooperating teachers/ ESPs” for the program.  Cooperating teachers/ ESPs will stay with their guest teachers/ ESPs throughout the day, but remain in the background as much as possible.  The guest teacher is expected to participate in all scheduled activities including recess, lunch, and hall duties in order to fully “walk a mile” in your shoes.

Prior to the program day, we will be having a briefing meeting where cooperating and guest teachers can meet and review the day’s plan.  Rest assured, all participants will leave feeling comfortable and excited about the event!

Please consider becoming a cooperating teacher or ESP.  You will be helping to spread the word about the challenges and hard work teachers and ESPs do every single day in every classroom. 

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and return it to, Michael Leahey, Teacher/ESP for a Day chairperson, by Friday, May 4th.  You can send it via interoffice mail or via email.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Sherry Rich and Mary Leslie, Co-Presidents,

Michael Leahey, Chairperson

Rockaway Borough Education Association                                         

2012 Teacher/ESP for a Day program


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